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  • Writing a high-quality dissertation for your Masters in Quantity Surveying

    For any Masters student performing academic research for the first time, it can be a challenge to work on a high-quality dissertation in your specialized field of research. This is particularly true for Master-level courses in Quantity Surveying, a field of specialization catering to construction costs and labour planning in the construction industry. There are several research areas in this domain that the MSC student can take up including health and safety standards, risk management, or the impact of market recession on the cost of construction.

    In operation since 2006, Pro Assignments is a web portal that has successfully completed Master-level dissertations in a variety of research areas, including quantity surveying. Our extensive team of scholars and writers can help you at every stage of your Masters research, including searching and suggesting the most relevant topics in your chosen field of research to an effective and error-free documentation of your research findings.

    Detailed below are the reasons why the professionals at Pro Assignments are best suited for helping with your Quantity Surveying research and dissertation work:

    • Access to the updated research material in Quantity Surveying.

    We can provide you access to the latest scientific papers, which are relevant to your specialized topic in Quantity Surveying. You can use selected reference material as citations or as a referencing source to build the reader’s understanding of the background information for your undertaken research.

    • Expert team specialized in the field of Quantity Surveying.

    Our team of experts are updated with the latest trends in the construction business and how it can impact the functioning of a quality surveyor. This includes the cost and labour factors involved in the construction of high-rise buildings, along with the management of labour shortage.

    • Research work that enhances your employability factor.

    Our professional expertise does not just benefit you in completing your PhD research and achieving your doctorate. We suggest the best of Quantity Surveying research projects that add value to your resume and can help you significantly in your job search.

    • High-quality dissertation help

    Our professional team of writers ensure that your submitted dissertation is free from plagiarism and writing errors and is rich in research study. Free revisions for up to 30 days after the submission of the first draft ensures that we work with students till the successful completion of their projects. In addition, our writers are well-versed with a variety of university writing styles for your dissertation.

    Effective Dissertation Proofreading Is Guaranteed with Knowledge in Grammar & Spelling

    Writing a dissertation plays instrumental in bringing effective boost to your career, provided you write it perfect, to the point and free of grammar and spelling. After you have completed writing a thesis, and you feel confident about it, it is a viable decision to get your dissertation proofread.

    Before you present the study or essay you need to be finally sure if the layout is precisely right, all the words are spelled correctly and there is proper use of punctuation. The way constructing sentences, choosing the right words and applying them; play inevitable role in delivering the essence of the study correctly. If you need assistance, then rely on an efficient proof-reader for the ultimate editing and presentation of error-free piece.

    Grammar and punctuation are the biggest inaccuracies and failures to attaining effectual dissertations. It is easy to point out a spelling mistake, but an expert proof-reader can help you with the job. An experienced connoisseur is able to find the intricate mistakes that you might not notice. As a student your objective should be to produce a dissertation that is easy and comprehensible to read by readers. Therefore, a proof-reader can help edit your work by incorporating the right punctuations in proper places; enabling the flow of the document effectively.

    Commas, full-stops, semicolons, hyphens, colons, etc., are a few commonly used punctuations that need to be placed exactly at places to show the separation. Sometimes, students fail to use the punctuations at all or sometimes they tend to overuse them. A quality proof-reader can help students with understanding the significance of punctuation usage so that they can convey to readers what they really want. Besides, an expert will make sure that the thesis content has the right usage of punctuation, grammar, wordings, etc.

    Boost your confidence by getting your dissertation proofread by an expert and score marks with distinction.

    College Homework Help

    You might be just out of your school and dreaming about the golden moments you expect to spend in your college, but don’t forget that a tedious surprise is waiting for you. Yes, you all may be agreed with the fact that schools and colleges have a huge difference among their homework’s. And, students just getting out of schools are not aware of this fact, thus they face a heap of problems. Hence, for this purpose many online services are available to provide help in college homework. www.proassignments.ae is one of the best proved and qualified college homework help service provider. Before any further explanation about them, let’s move on how they are helpful in dwindling students’ burden –

    • Subject matter experts are available to guide you in every subject and its topics you are clutched with. These experts are not only self qualified and trained, but also have ample of experience in the same field so that they can guide you in a better way.

    • If you are a self learner it’s good to have Pro Assignments bonded with you as you won’t be getting spoon feeding here. Rather, team members are supportive enough to guide you on every humps and hitches and can show you the way to meet them but the ultimate effort will be yours.

    • You are also trained from the scratch and are provided with many relevant sample study materials and under the supervision of the experienced team members your task is planned to be completed.

    • Your task is definitely reviewed by the experts before submission and is corrected on the part of grammatical errors, spellings, alignments and sentence formation. Also, a thorough analysis of correct contents included in the homework according to the assigned one is done. Lastly, the entire homework is checked for the plagiarism free work in order to prove the genuineness of the task.

    Thus, by the above modes a throughout help is provided to you in completing and submitting your college homework.

    Points to Consider to Write Your Dissertation Productively

    If you want to make a successful career in management, you need to get your MBA degree in order to land a good job. And to get your MBA degree, you need to write a Master’s dissertation. Your dissertation is quite complicated compared to other assignments or essays that you may have written till now. The dissertation gives the reader an idea about your knowledge on the subject and you are judged on how you have compiled all the information and made your analysis. The dissertation is the most crucial paper in the course of your post-graduation and it requires a lot of perseverance, time management and hard work.

    Factors that are important in your dissertation:

    • Superior quality of communication and presentation
    • Outstanding research study and clear demonstration of work
    • Academic approach in writing
    • Error-free and flawless content
    • Innovative outlook in the concept of study

    Ways to enhance productivity in your dissertation:

    Choosing a topic of interest – Your topic can make or break your dissertation. Don’t take a topic that does not create interest in you as it will seem like a tedious task to complete the dissertation later on. Always take a topic that excites you so that you can write every day on it and it still inspires you.

    Research thoroughly – When you are working on your dissertation, don’t just trust the conventional ways of research. Opt for a modern approach and conduct a qualitative and quantitative form of research to get maximum inputs.

    Word Limit – Consult the advisor on the formatting styles and word limit of your dissertation. Ideally, it must be 15000 words without the title, appendix, references and acknowledgment. However, it is best to check with the advisor on the desired word limit beforehand.

    Advisor Support – While writing your dissertation, always stay in touch with your advisor and take constant feedback. He will give you constructive criticism that will help enhance the quality of your work.

    By following these tips, you can definitely do a good job in your dissertation and enjoy the process as well!

    Translators: Bridging gaps in language and culture

    In countries like the UAE the academic institutions get students from all over the world. They come from Europe seeking to learn about new cultures and wanting to explore lands that are different from their own. They come from the Far East seeking to learn more about a nation that affords new business opportunities. They come from the Sub-Continent and from Africa seeking to leave behind a life of despair and poverty, and create a new life of wealth and prosperity.

    International Flags

    All this intermingling of cultures means that languages can sometimes be a problem. English has now become the commonly accepted link language when people of different nations meet, but the local language is Arabic and it is helpful to know that as well. But more crucially what languages are the studies conducted in, and will the students from different lands be able to cope with that. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem, and this solution comes in the form of translators. These are the scholars who have gained mastery over more than one language, and they bridge the gap between different cultures of different nationalities.

    Many students also hand over their academic documents to them and ask them to translate it into a different language. The translators find the right words to express what has been written in one language into another language so that it makes sense. There are many differences in syntax and structure between one language and the next and finding the right word and the right meaning might sometimes be hard. This is where the translators have to show in-depth subject matter knowledge so that the gist of the content is not changed. Translators play a crucial role in bringing together the brightest minds of different nations and make sure that different words and different meanings do not act as an impediment to academic excellence.

    Using translation services for your dissertation

    Many students who come from out of the country have a problem in UAE while submitting their dissertations. Depending on the language requirement in the university, students have to submit their work in that particular language and if it is not their forte, writing the dissertation can get twice as hard. Dissertation writing is already a tough and challenging job for each and every student. All students struggle with dissertations due to the precise requirements, the detailed inputs and the amount of hard work required. Also, due to the shortage of time in dissertation writing and submissions, students often fail to deliver quality work. In such a scenario, when language is a barrier, the students’ work quality is affected badly and it leads to bad scores eventually.

    In an attempt to help students from outside the country and give them an equal opportunity to score high grades in their dissertations, many translation services have started operating in the country. These services help students to write and edit their dissertations in the language as per the university requirement. For ESL students, their English language is second and therefore, not as great as students who speak English fluently. These students suffer a disadvantage and to help them achieve equality, translation services for dissertations are widely available in the UAE. The services are cost-effective and timely, ensuring that students get the most benefits by availing these services. Also, the translators are good with the language and editing so they do a double job at your dissertation and make it worth submitting. All the errors are rectified in the editing process and the translation service gives your dissertation the much needed edge. It gets ready to compete with the native language speakers, giving you an equal opportunity at success!

    If language is a barrier in your dissertation writing process, consult a translation service for dissertation today!

    Academic support in the UAE

    One of the countries in the world that has seen its educational facilities gain rapidly in popularity is the Gulf country of the United Arab Emirates. The reputation of some of its centres has grown impressively and it is not unusual to see students from all over the world yearn to take admission and walk its esteemed hallways. But joining these universities is only half the battle. The real battle begins once the students begin their programs. Then they begin to realise just how tough the education system really is. However, though it is tough, it is also highly rewarding. That is why the desire of all the students is to somehow see the program through and pass it with flying colours. But there is always help at hand when needed.

    There are many firms that have esteemed scholars and academicians on their board and they have made it their business to help students navigate the vagaries of the education system. One of the ways in which they help students is by providing them with samples. Students are always in a bind regarding the kind of projects they are required to submit at their institutes. The situation gets worse when they do not have a suitable guide to help them. This is where these samples come in very useful. The students are able to browse through the samples and get an idea of what kind of projects they are required to present. The samples are also able to inspire the students to come up with brilliant projects of their own. Language is also not a barrier in a country that receives students from all over the world, with each student having a unique culture and speaking a different language. These services are available in all languages.

    Research Method and Methodology

    Present day researchers now have access to several modern and sophisticated tools for uncovering information, Research methods include several qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as statistical tools, methodology refers to the logic applied by the researcher in the selection of tools and methods or the reason behind choosing particular methods and is determined by the objectives and constraints of the research program. Methods need to be chosen carefully keeping in mind the situation, such decision requires an in-depth know how of each tool, their advantages and disadvantages and as to how each tool can be best applied so as to fulfill the research objectives within the constraints

    Dissertation Help: Know When to Paraphrase

    It is agreeable that most sections of your dissertation should be in your own words. However, while writing a dissertation, it is important to know how to refer to other’s views and conclusions. There are two ways to do so – Quote them directly or paraphrase. When you rightly implement both or any of these ways, it reflects your academic ability to select the most relevant material for your topic, analyze it within your thesis context, and focus seriously on the language of the references.

    As a rule of thumb, you choose to quote directly from a source when you feel that paraphrasing might make you lose the meaning of the original text or when you notice that the author’s text is more perceptive or concise than what yours might be. Similarly, you choose to paraphrase when you wish to articulate the key point in just a few words or point out the idea revealed instead of highlighting the words utilized to express it. For instance, you will choose to quote from a literary text because you may need to study the specific terms or phrases of the author.

    To sum up, paraphrasing is the choice for sharing the idea, while quoting is essential to convey the vocabulary used to state the idea.

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