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  • Why Risk Analysis is Gaining Prominence

    Domains like Finance and Economics are not quite new in the world of academics, and both of these domains have evolved through several phases, depending on the problems being faced by the industrial world and the global economic scenario. Both of these domains are not only focused at maximization of wealth, but also maximization of the social welfare. With the development of utility and expected utility theories, the conceptualizations of maximization perspectives have been more prominent. As the time has progressed, the world of business has become more complex, and the risk factors have gained new dimensions. With the advent of new risk dimensions, researchers in the domains of Finance and Economics have also come up with new risk analysis perspectives. Now the question remains, “why risk analysis is becoming so important in the world of academics?”

    Subsequent to the global economic crisis, risk analysis in the domains of Finance and Economics has become more prominent. If the financial markets across the world are observed, then it can be experienced that the performances of firms depend largely on several factors, fluctuations in which can lead towards vulnerability of the financial and operational performances of those firms. One of the major factors is the global oil price, which fluctuates based on the international demand and supply scenario and the stability of the international relations. Moreover, fluctuation in global oil prices is reflected in the energy prices, which in turn affects the balance of payment scenario of oil importing nations. Considering oil exporting nations, rise in oil price degrades the human development index of these nations, by and large in terms of access to education and women empowerment scenario. For all these reasons, risk analysis is gaining mounting level of significance among researchers. For more information about various aspects of risk analysis in the domains of Finance and Economics, kindly browse through the pages of www.proassignments.ae.

    Islamic Banking: Why is it considered as good research topic for Master’s candidates?

    Students pursuing an MBA degree in finance or a Masters-level course in the field of banking or finance might be searching for a hot topic to conduct their research on. Although there are several research topics being commonly studied, the topic of ‘Islamic banking’ could be unique. This topic is not much studied by researchers, and there are several underlying aspects of Islamic banking that researchers can focus upon.

    There are certain differences between the operations and products of Islamic banks and other global banks, as the Islamic banking system usually follows Islamic morals and economics. Studying about these differences on varied platforms could lead students to contribute to the overall field of banking. People are keen to understand the role of Islamic banks in the global economy. Therefore, taking up this topic for research could lead students to unfold a lot about its unknown and interesting aspects.

    Some experts find ‘Islamic banking’ as a good research topic for Master’s candidates, because it has a great scope of further research on similar lines. If these students go on pursuing PhD research, then they can continue with their Masters-level research work by taking up related topics for study. This helps them gain a solid foundation in this particular field of study. Thus, they can provide many useful suggestions to make improvements in conventional and Islamic banking systems.

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