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  • Doing a Ph.D. and Thesis Writing Aren’t Exactly the Same Thing

    The first and the most important thing is that a Ph.D. is not primarily about writing. Writing is only the means to present what you do in your research. This is quite an obvious understanding of taking up a Ph.D., however, a lot of people think superficially that writing the thesis is the main aim of doing a Ph.D.

    There are a lot of scholars, who are many years down the course and still lack sufficient practical knowledge in analysing, presenting and discussing research results and despite that they may have written hundreds of pages which are the thesis chapters but truly do not reflect in terms of research content.

    Even if you are great at writing, your research has also to be worthy enough to be converted into a thesis. Remember, that being a good researcher is a more important pre requisite than being a good writer for doing Ph.D. If you are good at both, you are the best combination possible to product outstanding research presented in an immaculate way.

    Writing a thesis is only a part of doing PhD and surely not synonymous with doing a Ph.D. and wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is only a small fraction of work that goes in doing the research required for Ph.D.

    If you may think that this concept is only applicable in practical sciences and does not go with humanities and social sciences because they are theory oriented subjects relatively. This isn’t correct as there is no point in writing anything without having done fundamental research work.  The quality of the thesis in any industry depends upon the quality of the data and the research skills of the scholar. If your research approach isn’t methodical then writing will be exceptionally difficult as you wouldn’t have good content to present.

    If you want to polish your research related skills as a prerequisite before writing your thesis then remember:

    1. Do your research as a step by step process
    2. Know that the first thing is to know the literature and identify the literature gap
    3. Identify realistic and at the same time, worthy objectives
    4. Polish your statistical techniques and their correct application
    5. Learn to practice and interpret results and draw findings that are clinically relevant
    6. Draw out an understanding about the importance and relevance of your research

    6 responses to “Doing a Ph.D. and Thesis Writing Aren’t Exactly the Same Thing”

    1. Tahira sheikh says:

      After reading this post, i remember the line i read somewhere that a good researcher might not be always a good writer, and a good writer might not be always a good researcher.
      BUT being a little of both can turn you into an excellent researcher.

    2. Aashna says:

      Post hit the nail right! The last suggestions are not only effective for writing thesis, but will be immensely helpful for defense and one’s personal understanding.

    3. Ashaf rehbrum says:

      Agreed. We cannot use the word PhD and thesis writing in synonymous. For instance, we cannot say that a professional thesis writer is actually pursuing a PhD because he is only writing a thesis and has nothing to do with phd research

    4. Kiera Yusuf says:

      For me, writing thesis as well as conducting research is of the same kind. One is of acquiring knowledge and the other of documenting it. So, in this context, both are exactly the same kind.

    5. Robin says:

      So relatable! I myself find pursuing research much easier when compared to writing thesis or any other academic work.

    6. Jasmin says:

      PhD is a real struggle. Hardly matters if it is research or thesis, we are burdened by each. And supervisor issues take us to another whole tangent.

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