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  • Five Steps to Make Your UK Assignments Plagiarism-Free

    Plagiarism can be a serious issue if it is detected in your UK assignments. Copying the work of another author without giving due credit to them is an unethical practice that is not accepted at all by any academic institution. Thus, it is very essential to get rid of plagiarism before you submit your work. Check out here some tips to keep your content free of issues related to plagiarism.

    Step 1: Detect plagiarism

    Use any online tool that is freely available to check plagiarized content. Detect whether there is any percentage of plagiarism present in your assignment. If yes, then move on to the next step.

    Step 2: Replace copied content

    When you know the portions of your content that contain plagiarism, make sure that you rework on these paragraphs or sections to remove it. Although you may rephrase your content, it is always better to write it again in your own language. This will not leave any scope of your original content being plagiarized again.

    Step 3: Do not forget to credit the source

    If you feel that it is essential to use some quoted content at certain places, then make sure that you insert this content within quotation marks and also give due credit to the original author of this content. Try to use shorter quotes and avoid misquoting. However, always avoid stuffing your project with multiple quotations.

    Step 4: Use the right style

    While you must cite your sources, ensure to cite these in a correct style. Use the style that has been suggested by your college or university. Not complying with this requirement can induce plagiarism in your assignment.

    Step 5: Include references

    You can collate all your cited sources on a Reference page, which can be included at the end of your assignment. While following these steps should remove plagiarism in your work, recheck it once again before submitting.

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