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  • Points to Consider to Write Your Dissertation Productively

    If you want to make a successful career in management, you need to get your MBA degree in order to land a good job. And to get your MBA degree, you need to write a Master’s dissertation. Your dissertation is quite complicated compared to other assignments or essays that you may have written till now. The dissertation gives the reader an idea about your knowledge on the subject and you are judged on how you have compiled all the information and made your analysis. The dissertation is the most crucial paper in the course of your post-graduation and it requires a lot of perseverance, time management and hard work.

    Factors that are important in your dissertation:

    • Superior quality of communication and presentation
    • Outstanding research study and clear demonstration of work
    • Academic approach in writing
    • Error-free and flawless content
    • Innovative outlook in the concept of study

    Ways to enhance productivity in your dissertation:

    Choosing a topic of interest – Your topic can make or break your dissertation. Don’t take a topic that does not create interest in you as it will seem like a tedious task to complete the dissertation later on. Always take a topic that excites you so that you can write every day on it and it still inspires you.

    Research thoroughly – When you are working on your dissertation, don’t just trust the conventional ways of research. Opt for a modern approach and conduct a qualitative and quantitative form of research to get maximum inputs.

    Word Limit – Consult the advisor on the formatting styles and word limit of your dissertation. Ideally, it must be 15000 words without the title, appendix, references and acknowledgment. However, it is best to check with the advisor on the desired word limit beforehand.

    Advisor Support – While writing your dissertation, always stay in touch with your advisor and take constant feedback. He will give you constructive criticism that will help enhance the quality of your work.

    By following these tips, you can definitely do a good job in your dissertation and enjoy the process as well!

    3 responses to “Points to Consider to Write Your Dissertation Productively”

    1. Rahman says:

      I have been through the stage of topic selection and now I need to proceed with research, but still I am not confident for next level. My guide is not helpful enough and thus wanted some help. My project is related to Management. Can anyone suggest me?

    2. Zuhaib says:

      A thorough research includes literature review, deciding the methodology to be opted for and the major part i.e. analysis.

    3. Kasim says:

      A very good post, major points explained in simple words..

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