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  • Statistical Help Using SPSS: How to conduct SEM using AMOS

    Technology has supported research in wonderful ways. One way to simplify your statistical data analysis work is by using the SPSS software package. This is one of the most popular technological tools that help researchers and statisticians in various academic fields, especially in social sciences. One very useful software program in the SPSS package is AMOS (Analysis of Moment Structures).

    AMOS can strongly support your research by making it easier for you to conduct SEM (structural equation modeling) analysis. You can efficiently compare different models using AMOS. Then, these models can be confirmed or refined, if required. It also helps you extend the methods of standard multivariate analysis and to present your models more precisely and accurately. To conduct SEM, you can now use multiple latent variable indicators with AMOS.

    When SEM is conducted using AMOS, you will be able to generate accurate statistics for multiple equations. Using its simple features, you will also be able to build models in a graphical manner. You will not only be able to extend the standard techniques of factor analysis and correlation, but also of regression and analysis of variance. Thus, conducting SEM using AMOS can reflect several complex statistical relationships in a quicker way.

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      Could you provide some link for tutorials on how to learn SPSS?

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