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    PhD Statistics Help

    PhD research usually involves statistical data analysis for thesis. Universities do not expect PhD candidates to run and learn the software in its entirety, however, require the candidate to know which tests to apply and understand the outcome of the tests. For this reason, many Universities run a list of recommended statistician services which can be used for doctoral research. Our PhD Statistics Help and Thesis Statistics Help in UAE is listed with over 37 international Universities including Capella, Walden, Nottingham, Phoenix, Sheffield Hallam, Liverpool and Brunel.

    What does the statistical service include?

    Our PhD statistics help service includes the following:

    1. Data cleaning and management
    2. Advising clients on choice of tests and rationale for choice of one test over another
    3. Conducting descriptive analysis
    4. Conducting inferential analysis
    5. Developing an interpretation report in MS-Word document which outlines in-brief the understanding of test outcomes.

    What we require from client’s side?

    1. Topic and research objectives
    2. Data file in excel, SPSS or other software as applicable
    3. Guidelines or instructions for this research
    4. Questionnaire used for data collection

    What is the usual turnaround time?

    For projects involving data analysis using SPSS, we generally complete the work in 7 days or less. For projects involving Structured Equation Modelling (SEM) using AMOS, we require two weeks. For other projects involving STATA, R, Minitab or SAS, we require 10-12 working days to complete the work.

    How to proceed with PhD data analysis service?

    You can get started by sending over details of your topic and objectives to info@proassignments.ae. Our team shall review the requirements and get back to you with a price quote and expected delivery date.