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  • The Misconceptions Of The Translation Business

    There are many languages that are written and spoken in the world and they are further subdivided into dialects or varieties. Keeping all this in mind to run a translation business is quite a challenging task. There are also many misconceptions about the translation business. Here are some of them.

    Native Translators Are Superior

    A widespread misconception and probably one that is not only frustrating but also damaging is that native translators are superior to the others. Many customers simply take it for granted that the native speakers of a particular language are the best translators. Just because they are natives does not imply that they are naturally endowed with the ability to translate into that language well. There are, for instance, many native speakers of Arabic across the world. It does not necessarily mean that they are qualified enough to render a linguistically correct translation.

    All Translators Are Versatile

    Another popular myth is that all translators are versatile. Translation service buyers think that the translators are well versed in all fields of expertise. The truth is that a good translator is a specialist in certain areas or fields. Someone, who is an expert in literary translation, would be unable to do translations in the field of science or any other field. This is good because it will help the translator work within well defined limits and this will also help them remain up to date.

    Back Translation Can Evaluate the Quality

    People think that when a person gets a translation done, he or she should also get a back translation done so that they can evaluate the accuracy of the translations. If the result is the same as the original translation, then the quality is thought of as being spot on. This might look like it is a logical thing to do, but it is completely erroneous.

    6 responses to “The Misconceptions Of The Translation Business”

    1. Ruksana says:

      No doubt, native translators can definitely preserve the essence of the original work. But they have to be professional and expert in both the original language and the target language.

    2. Aadila says:

      Agreed with the last point. Once translation done, the original text cannot be 100% exactly the same. it is the nature of language.

    3. Khurshid says:

      i don’t think it is the myth that natives cannot be proficient translators.

    4. Arslaan says:

      Translation is what I find satisfying as well as stimulating because I have been practising Urdu to English translation for past 3 years and this is so when none of these is my native language. But you see, the power of knowledge and practice makes a lot of difference. Therefore, the conception or misconception for being a second language translator or native one for me stands rejected and criticised.

    5. Rahish says:

      I’m in the first year of PhD, and need to write thesis my own in impeccable English. Can anyone please suggest any good book to learn the art of translation?

    6. Itefa Ali says:

      Do you offer thesis translation services? I need to get the translation from arabic to english? Can you help?

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