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Assignments are a vital part of any course at the masters, as well as PhD level. However, completing the assignments in a manner that ensures you high grades can be a hassle if you do not have proper guidance from experts. Our specialised writing service and MBA assignment writing help in Dubai guarantees that you do not have to face low grades or go through a tense schedule.

Dissertation Proposal Writing

You must be looking for dissertation proposal writing service in Dubai but why? For any student pursuing a Masters in any specialized field, your dissertation proposal is an important document that needs to be approved first before you can start on your research project. The purpose of your dissertation proposal is to be able to demonstrate to the review committee that your project

Dissertation Help

A dissertation is a detailed report of the research work that is undertaken at the master’s level. To keep pace with the stringent research requirements at masters’ level can be a taxing task for any student who has not undertaken prior research work. We provide dissertation writing services in Dubai to cope up with the challenges that can be faced by a student for doing dissertation work are as follows

Translation and Editing

Whether you are a native student with a need to draft flawless documents in English or non native scholar pursuing a course for which you must write assignments in Arabic, you can trust Pro Assignments to provide you the best translation services. A large number of foreign students, who come to the UAE for higher studies, are greatly benefitted from our translation services.

PhD Proposal Writing

Developing a unique and thought provoking PhD proposal is the job of experts. All aspiring candidates seeking admission in Doctoral courses across the world need to develop a proposal which has novelty and is original. Candidates face rejection as their topics look general or already research upon, have poor understanding of research methodology, cannot articulate their research in framework or model or because the writing is not of the level expected by UK, Canadian or Australian Universities.

PhD Thesis Writing

Doctoral research work is perhaps the most challenging and specialised academic task and it calls for availing professional assistance in order to be completed successfully. In-depth study of the selected topic, drafting of a report and defending the results of research in front of an erudite review board are all essential steps of completing a PhD thesis.

PhD Statistics Help

PhD research usually involves statistical data analysis for thesis. Universities do not expect PhD candidates to run and learn the software in its entirety, however, require the candidate to know which tests to apply and understand the outcome of the tests. For this reason, many Universities run a list of recommended statistician services which can be used for doctoral research.

Thesis Editing

If you are writing a PhD or DBA thesis for your PhD from UK, Australia, Canada or US; you need to hire a PhD thesis copy-editor to edit your writing. The reason you need to hire a copy-editor for editing your thesis is that in-spite of your work being research worthy and well written, it the same does not meet the language and formatting standards of your University, it will keep coming back to you.

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