A guide for thesis writers: 5 key elements to be included while writing an abstract

If you are aspiring to publish a part of your thesis in a journal or present it in a conference, then you will likely need to write an abstract for the same. Presented at the beginning of a thesis, abstract is an essential component in a writing process. What makes an abstract so vital is its ability to describe a large work in a few sentences. The majority of the scholars today are quite ignorant towards this section. Although writing an abstract is a strenuous task, it is definitely a rewarding process. Some of the benefits of penning down this section include: indexing and selection.

The components of an abstract differ according to the study domain. For example, an abstract of a scientific study or social science includes scope, purpose, results, and the contents of the study. Whereas an abstract of a humanities consists of background and conclusion of the larger study. An abstract is neither a review nor it will evaluate the study being abstracted. Also not all types of abstract have the same aim. For e.g. descriptive abstract describes the type of information present in a work and will not make a judgement about the work. On the other hand, informative abstract acts as a surrogate of the work and does more than just describing the work. However, if you are unsure about the type of abstract you need to write for your thesis, then seek guidance from the consultants offering PhD thesis help UAE.

An abstract consisting of approximately 250 words, should include all the key components so as to describe your thesis. I.e. an abstract must contain:

Importance of your research 

Explain the significance of your research, why a reader should go through it and how it contributes to your study domain.

Research problem

Include the crucial argument/claim, the research problem you wish to solve and the scope of your research. If you need any help in incorporating significant argument, take assistance from writers providing PhD thesis help Dubai.


The concepts to be included in this portion varies according to the subject. That is, if your study field is science, then incorporate approaches or specific models used in your research. If your study is social science or any other, include the evidence used in your research process.


Just as methodology section, findings section again depends on the study domain. If you are writing an abstract of a scientific work then you should include specific data that describes the key results of your research. And for other domains explain it without using any specific data.


Here explain the changes that need to be implemented as a result of the findings of your research. For guidance on the incorporation of this section, you can talk to professionals delivering PhD thesis help UAE.

Since abstracts are short, one can find it challenging to craft it. But take up the challenge, roll your sleeves and accomplish your goal.

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