7 Pitfalls to Avoid While Crafting a Top-Notch Dissertation

The dissertation is a prerequisite that helps one to attain a PhD degree. Dissertation, a comprehensive document, presents the subject’s knowledge one has gained in the specific area of research. The dissertation should be particular and focuses on adding to the existing knowledge in a particular domain.

Writing a top-notch dissertation is a complicated and time-consuming process and requires hard work that includes the hunt for verified sources, analysing previous research papers and making conclusions. Without consistency and eagerness to learn the writing process can become a huge burden to a scholar. However, there are several things one should consider while dissertation an excellent dissertation. Here are few factors that needs to be avoided during the writing process.

1. Selecting a wrong topic - If you select a dissertation topic that is not interesting, you will find yourself in a tough situation as you will not be able to grasp your reader attention. Also, do not pick up a topic that is a stereotype. Consider whether the specific angle is outdated or has been written several times before.

2. Do not limit the background research - Although you will have to write only 10,000-20,000 words, do not stick to a few bits of information. Research beyond or in areas that are directly or indirectly linked to your topic. This will give you an immense option to decide what needs to be added and what not.

3. Avoid imbalance - Maintain an appropriate balance between various chapters in the dissertation. This makes your work efficient and fulfils all the requirements. I.e. an appropriate weightage should be given to methodology chapter, analysis, conclusion chapter, and so on.

4. Avoid usage of catchy fonts - Dissertation should always be formatted as per the standardized requirements of the University/high impact journals. Do not use fonts that are not accepted by your University just to make your text look catchy. Mostly you will be expected to adopt the Times New Roman or Arial font. If you have any queries regarding the font style talk to your supervisor.

5. Forming opinions without apt evidence - It is a great idea to write something new and original in the dissertation. However, it is important to show that the point of view is logical and is supported by already existing research or facts.

6. Using phrases or words that are unfamiliar -  Refrain from including complicated words and phrases that you are not familiar with. This will stop you from referring to things in a correct manner.

7. Submitting an initial draft - Never submit your initial draft to the supervisor. Take enough time and check for every single error like a grammatical error, punctuation error, unstructured sentence, subject-verb agreement etc. Eliminate all the mistakes, polish the chapters and then consider submitting it to the guide.

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