Break the writer’s block : How to overcome perfectionism & boost assignment crafting process?

Every scholar would want his assignment to be perfect, a well-researched masterpiece consisting of accurate findings, quotes, tables, graphs and engaging content to obtain higher score and entench the foot in the academics. Generally a scholar believes that only a great assignment is accepted by the review committee and anything less than that would result in the direct rejection. This is when he/she gets paralysed by perfectionism. 

Though there are many roadblocks that forestalls a scholar from accomplishing the academic goals, perfectionism, the mother of all of them is the key contributor to writer’s block. 

Fret not if you too are going through perfectionism. We, with the help of writers offering assignment writing services in Sharjah have enlisted few tips that lets you triumph perfectionism like a pro. 

  1. Draw a mind map - A mind map, also referred as an idea map, is nothing but a visual roadmap or schematic diagram of a topic. This strategy is ideal, especially for visual learners or those who can’t make sense of traditional linear outlines. The first step in mind mapping is to place the assignment topic idea at the focus of a blank. In the next step begin writing ideas, keywords, or subtopics pertaining to the topic and draw lines of association between related ideas. Branch off the subtopic by highlighting them and include more keywords and ideas. When it is done, you will obtain a visual picture and a clear idea as to what has to be included in the assignment.

  2. Do not aim at crafting a final draft at one stretch - Writing process is not an easy task and one cannot achieve a perfect assignment at a single try. Start writing one section or a portion of it in a day. Remember, it is absolutely fine to commit mistakes in the rough draft. When done with writing all the chapters, go through each section and look for errors and correct them.

  3. Start with the easier chapters - Including and organising tables, figures, etc. is hard. You would spend days together in their organisation. Hence start with the chapters that doesn’t or hardly consist of any graphs, charts, tables, etc. When done with such chapters, move to sections demanding complex content organisation. Need some help in including images or charts? Consult professional writers providing assignment help Sharjah. 

  4. Do not try to include plenty of academic terms - Keep the assignment simple yet informative. Scholars often feel that including technical/academic terms would add weightage to their assignment and also make it look perfect. However, this is not true in all the cases. Although it is necessary to include a few technical/academic terms, flooding the assignment such terms wouldn’t add value to it. 

Commit to capture ideas everyday and stay away from the editing process in the initial stages. If you feel you are missing out important aspects in your assignment, ask your peers to review the same and obtain feedback. However, if you need help in any stage of the writing process, professionals delivering assignment writing services in Sharjah are always at your disposal.

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