When a PhD scholar must opt for professional editing?

Professional editors perform editing on a variety of academic documents, including a PhD thesis. A properly-edited PhD thesis helps to focus the reader’s or reviewer’s attention on the subject matter of the thesis, instead of its writing style and language.

Professional editing is available for academic students as well as for Phd scholars from a variety of course subjects and universities.

This article focusses on when a PhD scholar must go for professional editing of their prepared research thesis.

Listed are some typical cases when professional editing is a must:

  • When your thesis is too long.

This is a very common case. Typically, most PhD scholars write their thesis without paying any considerations to the number of words. The result is that they exceed the stipulated word limit by a major number. In this case, no amount of self-editing can reduce the word count without leaving out a major information chunk. Professional editors are able to polish your language and present your thesis idea with minimum cuts to the original content.

  • When English is your second language.

Professional editing is an absolute must if English is your second language. No amount of English writing practise can reduce the importance of professional editing of your thesis. High-quality editing can help PhD ESL scholars to be judged on the substance of their research ideas, rather than their ability to write proper English.

  • When you want to improve your English writing.

Most PhD scholars do not go through any university program to improve their writing skills. However, in the long term, English writing skills are vital for you to make regular and quality contributions in the field of scientific research. Professional editing of your thesis on a regular basis can improve your writing, as you become aware of common and repeated mistakes, proper use of punctuation marks, and redundant words.

  • When you want to save your time.

Editing your own thesis can be a time-consuming process. Instead of self-editing your written document, it can save you time to get it edited by a professional. In addition to getting a professional document, professional editing can reduce your stress in ensuring that your document is of the highest quality.

  • When you want to improve your reputation.

Professional editing services improve the quality of your research submission and can improve your reputation as a research scholar. This will translate into an increase in paper submission for your research success.

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